Inflatables & MRO

Inflatables & MRO

Inflatables Hot List

AS OF 01 June 2024 - A320-Series of Slides & Slide/rafts

Part Number
Qty Avl
With Pre-Paid discount
Serial #
Part Description
61639-1035$6,500.00 VariousDOM 2012 - 2022OHA321 Cylinder Assembly
62292-1071$35,000.00 C1479DOM: 05/2010OHA321 EVACUATION SLIDE
62292-1081$25,000.00 C1159DOM: 07/2008OHA321 EVACUATION SLIDE
62292-1091$20,000.00 C0580DOM: 11/2001OHA321 EVACUATION SLIDE
62292-1091$20,000.00 C0632DOM: 07/2002OHA321 EVACUATION SLIDE
62292-1091$20,000.00 C0634DOM: 07/2002OHA321 EVACUATION SLIDE
62292-1101$22,000.00 C0797DOM: 12/2004OHA321 EVACUATION SLIDE
62292-1101$28,000.00 C0241RPDOM: 01/2009OHA321 EVACUATION SLIDE
62293-1071$25,000.00 C1024DOM: 10/2007OHA321 EVACUATION SLIDE
62293-1071$25,000.00 C1037DOM: 10/2007OHA321 EVACUATION SLIDE
62293-1071$30,000.00 C1339DOM: 07/2009OHA321 EVACUATION SLIDE
62293-1091$25,000.00 C0237DOM: 02/1998OHA321 EVACUATION SLIDE
62293-1101$12,000.00 C0093DOM: 06/1995OHA321 EVACUATION SLIDE
62293-1101$12,000.00 C0160DOM: 01/1997OHA321 EVACUATION SLIDE
62293-1101$12,000.00 C0188DOM: 07/1997OHA321 EVACUATION SLIDE
62293-1101$15,000.00 C0298DOM: 11/1998OHA321 EVACUATION SLIDE
62293-1101$15,000.00 C0318DOM: 02/1999OHA321 EVACUATION SLIDE
62293-1101$15,000.00 C0343DOM: 02/1998OHA321 EVACUATION SLIDE
62293-1101$18,000.00 C0792DOM: 12/2004OHA321 EVACUATION SLIDE
D30664-5151$25,000.00 A7125DOM: 07/2000OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
D30664-7091$22,000.00 A9813DOM: 06/2004OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
D30664-7091$28,000.00 L25280DOM: 12/2009OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
D30664-7091$30,000.00 A1163RPDOM: 05/2010OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
D30665-7091$22,000.00 A10520DOM: 12/2005OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
D30665-7091$25,000.00 L0163DOM: 03/2008OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
D30665-7091$25,000.00 A9088RPDOM: 12/2008OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
D30665-7091$27,000.00 L0668DOM: 03/2009OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
D30665-7091$27,000.00 AL25120DOM: 10/2009OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
D30665-7091$30,000.00 L25541DOM: 03/2010OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
D30665-7091$30,000.00 L25424DOM: 02/2010OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
D30665-7091$30,000.00 C0231DOM: 09/2010OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
D31516-6151$10,000.00 A14244DOM: 11/2003OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31516-6171$9,000.00 A7375DOM: 03/1998OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31516-6171$10,000.00 A8353DOM: 09/1999OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31516-6171$10,000.00 A12179DOM: 06/2002OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31516-6211$10,000.00 A6949DOM: 04/1997OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31516-7151$15,000.00 A17654DOM: 01/2007OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31516-7171$12,000.00 A15609DOM: 11/2005OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31516-7171$12,000.00 A17683DOM: 01/2007OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31516-7171$12,000.00 A17499DOM: 01/2007OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31516-7171$15,000.00 L25701DOM: 06/2010OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31516-7171$20,000.00 C0946DOM: 06/2011OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31516-7171$20,000.00 M10216DOM: 02/2014OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31517-6171$10,000.00 A5776DOM: 11/1991OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31517-7171$12,000.00 L20569DOM: 11/2007OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31517-7171$12,000.00 L21259DOM: 12/2008OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31517-7171$13,000.00 L21608DOM: 06/2009OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31517-7171$15,000.00 C0295DOM: 09/2010OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31517-7171$20,000.00 C1208DOM: 10/2011OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31517-7171$20,000.00 C1675DOM: 03/2012OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31517-7171$20,000.00 M8020DOM: 05/2012OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31517-7171$20,000.00 L20044RPDOM: 10/2013OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31865-1121$30,000.00 A12408DOM: 02/2009OHA320 EVACUATION SLIDE

AS OF 01 June 2024 - A330/340 - Series of Slides & Slide/rafts

Part Number
Qty Avl
With Pre-Paid discount
Serial #
Part Description
4A3934-121$25,000.00 AM0107DOM 09/2006OHA330/A340 EVACUATION SLIDE
7A1508-1251$20,000.00 AA3807DOM 04/2006OHA330/A340 EVACUATION SLIDE
7A1508-1251$20,000.00 AA3812DOM 04/2006OHA330/A340 EVACUATION SLIDE
7A1508-1251$22,000.00 AA4346DOM 11/2007OHA330/A340 EVACUATION SLIDE
7A1508-1251$25,000.00 AA4721DOM 10/2008OHA330/A340 EVACUATION SLIDE
7A1508-1251$25,000.00 AA4808DOM 12/2008OHA330/A340 EVACUATION SLIDE
7A1509-0371$9,000.00 AD0998DOM 04/2003OHA340 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
7A1509-1251$15,000.00 AD1444DOM 01/2006OHA340 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
7A1509-1251$15,000.00 AD1515DOM 10/2006OHA340 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
7A1509-1251$20,000.00 AD1593DOM 03/2007OHA340 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
7A1509-1251$25,000.00 AD1957DOM 10/2009OHA340 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
7A1510-0561$15,000.00 AC0084DOM 11/1998OHA340 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
7A1539-0561$15,000.00 AX0823DOM 12/2004OHA340 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
7A1539-0561$15,000.00 AX0785DOM 07/2004OHA340 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
7A1539-0561$10,000.00 AX0153DOM 02/1996OHA340 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
7A1539-1251$20,000.00 AU0873DOM 12/2004OHA340 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
7A1539-1251$45,000.00 AU1483DOM 11/2010OHA340 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
7A1539-1261$30,000.00 AX1199DOM 06/2008OHA340 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
7A1539-1261$30,000.00 AX1224DOM 08/2008OHA340 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT

AS OF 01 June 2024 - B737 - Series of Slides

Part Number
Qty Avl
With Pre-Paid discount
Serial #
Part Description
15611-1461$3,600.00 114-9DOM 05/2001OHB737 EVACUATION SLIDE
5A3088-3011$6,000.00 B3A161DOM 11/1997OHB737 EVACUATION SLIDE
5A3088-3011$6,000.00 B3A677DOM 12/1998OHB737 EVACUATION SLIDE
5A3307-7011$15,000.00 BNG4373DOM 10/2002OHB737 EVACUATION SLIDE
5A3307-7011$15,000.00 BNG4298DOM 08/2002OHB737 EVACUATION SLIDE
5A3307-7011$15,000.00 BNG3931DOM 05/2002OHB737 EVACUATION SLIDE
5A3307-7011$15,000.00 BNG4428DOM 11/2002OHB737 EVACUATION SLIDE
5A3307-7011$15,000.00 BNG4306DOM 08/2002OHB737 EVACUATION SLIDE
5A3307-7011$15,000.00 BNG4855DOM 06/2003OHB737 EVACUATION SLIDE
61621-4691$5,000.00 0929ADOM 06/1995OHB737 EVACUATION SLIDE
63550-1011$7,000.00 0246FDOM 06/2001OHB737 EVACUATION SLIDE
63550-1011$7,000.00 0253FDOM 08/2001OHB737 EVACUATION SLIDE
63550-1011$7,000.00 0262FDOM 10/2001OHB737 EVACUATION SLIDE
63550-1011$15,000.00 0374FDOM 11/2010OHB737 EVACUATION SLIDE
63550-1011$15,000.00 0480FDOM 02/2017OHB737 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31354-4381$5,000.00 3026DOM 01/2004OHB737 EVACUATION SLIDE

AS OF 01 June 2024 - B747 - Series of Slide/Rafts

Part Number
Qty Avl
With Pre-Paid discount
Serial #
Part Description
7A1238-551$8,000.00 G1831DOM: 01/1982OH747 Slide/ Raft
7A1238-551$8,000.00 G811DOM: 07/1979OH747 Slide/ Raft
7A1238-561$12,000.00 GE2038DOM: 1/2002OH747 Slide/Raft
7A1238-581$8,000.00 G1856DOM: 3/1982OH747 Slide/Raft
7A1248-321$15,000.00 G197DOM: 09/1977OH747 Slide
7A1418-231$8,000.00 GT1535DOM 11/1997OH747 EVACUATION SLIDE
7A1418-241$8,000.00 GT1606DOM 8/1998OH747 EVACUATION SLIDE
7A1418-241$8,000.00 GT1786DOM 12/2001OH747 EVACUATION SLIDE
7A1418-251$8,000.00 GT1517DOM 9/1997OH747 EVACUATION SLIDE
7A1418-261$8,000.00 G1040DOM 6/1992OH747 EVACUATION RAMP/SLIDE
7A1418-91$8,000.00 G595DOM 9/1989OH747 Off-Wing Slide
7A1467-281$32,000.00 GH3270DOM 10/2013OH747 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
7A1467-281$35,000.00 GH3305DOM 03/2014 (Needs cylinder 3-day TAT)OH747 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
7A1469-161$35,000.00 GJ3190DOM 11/2013OH747 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT

AS OF 01 June 2024 - B757 - Series of Slides & Slide/Rafts

Part Number
Qty Avl
With Pre-Paid discount
Serial #
Part Description
D30654-1221$10,000.00 1243DOM 09/1999OH757 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
D30654-1221$12,000.00 1561DOM 06/2002OH757 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
D31041-1471$12,000.00 1212DOM 06/2003OH757 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31393-1091$3,200.00 0501DOM 08/1991OH757 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31393-1091$4,800.00 1419DOM: 07/2004OH757 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31393-1091$4,800.00 1363DOM 02/2003OH757 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31393-1091$4,800.00 1226DOM 07/2001OH757 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31393-1091$10,000.00 1450DOM 08/2008OH757 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31393-1101$7,000.00 0976DOM 08/1992OH757 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31393-1101$7,000.00 1450DOM 06/1998OH757 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31393-1101$9,000.00 1261DOM 10/2001OH757 EVACUATION SLIDE
D31393-1101$10,000.00 L5044DOM 06/2005OH757 EVACUATION SLIDE
61260-1029$800.00 VariousOHSURVIVAL KIT

AS OF 01 June 2024 - B767 - Series of Slides & Slide/Rafts

Part Number
Qty Avl
With Pre-Paid discount
Serial #
Part Description
130104-2372$7,500.00 VariousDOM 2016'sOH767 SLIDE/RAFT Post AD
5A3294-31$35,000.00 SS0283DOM 12/2008OH767 SLIDE/RAFT Post AD
5A3295-71$22,000.00 SF0217DOM 06/2001OH767 SLIDE/RAFT Post AD
5A3295-71$25,000.00 SF0697DOM 08/2006OH767 SLIDE/RAFT Post AD
5A3295-71$32,000.00 SF0851DOM 06/2009OH767 SLIDE/RAFT Post AD
5A3295-71$40,000.00 SF1042DOM 12/2012OH767 SLIDE/RAFT Post AD
5A3295-71$45,000.00 SF1342DOM 02/2016OH767 SLIDE/RAFT Post AD
60176-1031$30,000.00 0483DOM 02/2010OH767 SLIDE/RAFT Post AD
101630-3051$12,000.00 PG0177DOM 05/1992OH767 SLIDE/RAFT Post AD
101651-3031$8,500.00 PA1034DOM 06/1991OH767 SLIDE/RAFT Post AD
101651-3031$8,500.00 PA1568DOM 05/1993OH767 SLIDE/RAFT Post AD
101651-3031$8,500.00 PA1605DOM 05/1993OH767 SLIDE/RAFT Post AD
101651-3031$8,500.00 PA1651DOM 11/1993OH767 SLIDE/RAFT Post AD
101651-3031$10,000.00 PA2813DOM 05/2000OH767 SLIDE/RAFT Post AD
101651-3031$25,000.00 PA3112DOM 04/2010OH767 SLIDE/RAFT Post AD
101651-3031$25,000.00 PA0157DOM 04/2016 (DART DER)OH767 SLIDE/RAFT Post AD
101651-3031$45,000.00 PA2467DOM 08/2017 (DART DER)OH767 SLIDE/RAFT Post AD
101651-3031$45,000.00 PA2219DOM 02/2018 (DART DER)OH767 SLIDE/RAFT Post AD
101651-3031$45,000.00 PA0466DOM 01/2018 (DART DER)OH767 SLIDE/RAFT Post AD
101651-3031$45,000.00 PA0899DOM 02/2018 (DART DER)OH767 SLIDE/RAFT Post AD
101651-3031$45,000.00 PA1628DOM 01/2018 (DART DER)OH767 SLIDE/RAFT Post AD
101651-3031$45,000.00 PA1022DOM 02/2018 (DART DER)OH767 SLIDE/RAFT Post AD
101655-3051$9,600.00 PK0083DOM: 08/1991OHB767 EVACUATION SLIDE
101655-3051$9,600.00 PK0092DOM: 01/1992OHB767 EVACUATION SLIDE
101655-3051$9,600.00 PK0177DOM: 07/1999OHB767 EVACUATION SLIDE
101655-3061$9,600.00 PF0050DOM: 03/1990OHB767 EVACUATION SLIDE
101655-3061$9,600.00 PF0141DOM: 12/1994OHB767 EVACUATION SLIDE
101655-3061$9,600.00 PD0175DOM: 12/1994OHB767 EVACUATION SLIDE
101655-3061$30,000.00 PF0424DOM 11/2013OHB767 EVACUATION SLIDE
101656-3051$15,000.00 PH0387DOM 12/2002OHB767 EVACUATION SLIDE
101656-3051$18,000.00 PH0436DOM 02/2008OHB767 EVACUATION SLIDE
101656-3061$15,000.00 PD0104DOM 07/1991OHB767 EVACUATION SLIDE
101656-3051$15,000.00 PD0123DOM 01/1992OHB767 EVACUATION SLIDE
101656-3051$15,000.00 PD0151DOM 07/1993OHB767 EVACUATION SLIDE
5A2901-115$2,400.00 N-3373OHASPIRATOR ASSY

AS OF 01 June 2024 - B777 - Series of Slide/Rafts

Part Number
Qty Avl
With Pre-Paid discount
Serial #
Part Description
62773-3191$15,000.00 0586DOM: 11/1999OH777 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
62773-3201$20,000.00 0991DOM: 01/2004OH777 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
62773-3271$20,000.00 1244DOM: 11/2008OH777 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
62773-3271$45,000.00 M8194RPDOM: 07/2018OH777 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
62773-3281$35,000.00 M8075RPDOM: 11/2013OH777 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
62773-3281$35,000.00 M8138RPDOM: 11/2014OH777 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
65342-2191$35,000.00 0088DOM: 02/2009OH777 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
65342-2271$35,000.00 0051DOM: 02/2008OH777 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
65342-2281$35,000.00 0090DOM: 03/2009OH777 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
65342-2281$65,000.00 M8022DOM: 08/2018OH777 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
65342-2281$65,000.00 M8028DOM: 01/2019OH777 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
65344-4191$30,000.00 0342DOM: 11/2007OH777 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT
65344-4191$35,000.00 0524DOM: 03/2009OH777 EVACUATION SLIDE/RAFT

AS OF 01 June 2024 - MD-80/90 - Series of Slides (TAT is 3-days)

Part Number
Qty Avl
With Pre-Paid discount
Serial #
Part Description
100503-1211$4,400.00 PA1018DOM 6/1992OHMD80 EVACUTION SLIDE
100504-1071$3,200.00 PU0074DOM 11/1989OHMD80/MD90 EVACUATION SLIDE
100504-1071$4,000.00 PU0085DOM 12/1989OHMD80/MD90 EVACUATION SLIDE
D29984-1091$4,000.00 950DOM: 10/1991OHMD-80/MD-90/717 EVACUATION SLIDE
D29985-1031$7,200.00 1319DOM: 11/2013OHMD-80/90/717 EVACUATION SLIDE

AS OF 01 June 2024 - Rafts

Part Number
Qty Avl
With Pre-Paid discount
Serial #
Part Description
D23940-1171$6,000.00 11892391DOM: 03/1991OH46-Passenger Raft
R0202A2111$7,500.00 TAL46051DOM: 09/2016OH46-Passenger Raft
R0202A2111$6,000.00 TAL46030DOM: 05/2016OH46-Passenger Raft
R0202A2111$7,500.00 TAB46030DOM: 05/2006OH46-Passenger Raft
R0202A2111$6,000.00 TP051DOM: 04/1994OH46-Passenger Raft
4600-1091$6,000.00 F304DOM: 11/1990OH46-Passenger Raft
4600-1111$6,000.00 G420DOM: 08/1991OH46-Passenger Raft
4600-1111$6,000.00 F65DOM: 04/1990OH46-Passenger Raft
4600-1211$6,000.00 W84DOM: 09/2007OH46-Passenger Raft
4600-1191$6,000.00 L322DOM: 11/1996OH46-Passenger Raft
4600-1191$6,000.00 V223DOM: 02/2007OH46-Passenger Raft
63800-1031$8,000.00 0133DOM: 07/1998OH46-Passenger Raft
600-3071$3,500.00 Q208DOM: 02/2002OH6-Passenger Raft
64356-1011$7,000.00 L6728DOM: 04/2008OH56-Passenger Raft

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Airframe & Components

BF Aerospace has a wide variety of parts across multiple aircraft platforms. We carry a nose-to-tail component pool, covering everything from consumables to rotables. All conveniently located just outside of the Fort Lauderdale International Airport

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Inflatables & MRO

BF Aerospace is also a DOT, FAA and EASA certified repair facility. Our Repair Station specializes in providing component maintenance services on emergency equipment such as evacuation slides, life rafts, life vests and their accessories.