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Repair Station

Our FAA, EASA and DOT certified repair facility specializes in providing component maintenance services on emergency equipment such as evacuation slides, life rafts, life vests and their accessories.

Our state of the art facility, tooling and equipment paired with our OEM trained Managers and Technicians coming from Air Cruisers, Eastern Aero Marine, Goodrich, and Hoover Industries ensure that we provide the highest standards of quality possible.

We know that time is crucial, that’s why we have designed our facility and functions to guarantee our customers the shortest turnaround times in the industry. With our proven record and strong relationships with OEM’s, Airlines and Distributors we can assure our customers will receive the best personalized customer service

Along with our unmatched repair capabilities we are proud to have the worlds largest inventory of “Ready to Go” Inflatable components. Our inventory always includes more than 300 evacuation slides, 100 life rafts and 25,000 life vests across multiple part numbers and aircraft platforms on our shelves ready to ship.

Key Benefits

  • 1

    On-Site Hydro Static Testing and Re-Certification

  • 2

    On-Site Refilling Services for Cylinders

  • 3

    On-Site Valve Overhaul

  • 4

    Fixed Price or Flat Rate Custom Programs

  • 5

    Quick Turnaround Times

  • 6

    State of the Art Facility

  • 7

    Advanced Computerized Test Equipment

  • 8

    Factory Trained Personnel

Life Vests

Life vests can be single or dual chamber and are manufactured specifically for adults or children. There are various manufacturers including Air Cruisers, Eastern Aero Marine, Hoover Industries, RFD Beaufort, and Switlik.

The overhaul cycle or recertification period on life vests vary depending on the part number and manufacturer, but generally FAA regulations require testing on a periodic basis which is anywhere from 1 to 3 or 5 years.

Life Rafts

Life rafts can be single tube or double tube, come in a soft case or hard pack, and come in a variety of sizes defined by their maximum capacity. There are various manufacturers including Air Cruisers, Eastern Aero Marine, Goodrich, Hoover Industries, RFD Beaufort, Survival Products, Switlik, and Winslow.

The overhaul cycle or recertification period for life rafts depends on the part number and the manufacturer, but as a general guideline, life rafts should be serviced every 1 or 3 years.

Evacuation Slides

Evacuation slides are used on commercial aircraft and are located over-wing, on the door or in the tail cone of the aircraft. They are packed in a valise or packed in a composite packboard and come in single or dual lane, and some can be used as life rafts. The main manufacturers are Air Cruisers and Goodrich.

The overhaul cycle or re-certification period depends on the part number and the manufacturer, but as a general guideline, evacuation slides should be serviced every 3 years.

According to the manufacturers (Air Cruisers and Goodrich) there is no life limit for evacuation slides, although they do recommend replacing the tube assembly once it reaches 15 years. An alternative to tube replacement is to re-certify the unit every year instead of every 3 years.

Airframe & Components

Airframe & Components

BF Aerospace has a wide variety of parts across multiple aircraft platforms. We carry a nose-to-tail component pool, covering everything from consumables to rotables. All conveniently located just outside of the Fort Lauderdale International Airport

Engine Strategies

Engine Strategies

Our Engine Strategies Group’s “cognizant designed continuation philosophy” has helped partner with the most prestigious companies all over the world, expanding our global footprint and customer base in just a short time.